EXC!TE 2018 Winner: Crystal Model HDMI Cable by FIBBR
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Crystal by FIBBR is an active fiber optic HDMI cable featuring a design-friendly transparent jacket for nearly invisible placement, offering a distinct advantage in spaces where visual appearance is as high a priority as electronics, to eliminate unsightly, bulky black cables. Crystal provides the technology and design to handle today's demanding content-rich data and will work with any decor.

Crystal features FIBBR's proprietary BendRobust technology, an industry first, that allows the fiber to be bent 180-degrees for easy handling and placement.

Unlike other systems on the market, Crystal features a plug-and-play design FIBBR's proprietary technology delivers the power direct from AC coupling, eliminating the need for external power on the receiving end.

To ensure trouble-free installation with these single-direction cables, the connectors are labeled Source and Display with a SmartLED indicator quickly and easily confirms proper connection and operation status.

Crystal is designed to meet the needs of today's data-rich entertainment, reliably carrying uncompressed, native 4K content at 18Gbps at lengths of up to 165 feet (50 meters) without signal loss or interference.

Crystal, like all FIBBR cables, are lightweight - 60% lighter than traditional cabling - this key advantage is critical to protect valuable connected hardware devices from potential harm caused by heavy cabling pulling on delicate connectors. Also with less weight and physical size to deal with, logistics of handling the cables is more easily managed.

Crystal's unique design combines Data Display Channel (DDC) and Hot Plug Detection (HPD) signals in a single copper wire, using FIBBR's TransFuture technology, two microcontroller units manage the signals, ensuring fail-safe EDID and HDCP2.2 operation. The system includes a firmware update option to easily remedy compatibility issues.

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