Fibbr Launches 56Gbps 8K-HDR Fiber Optic HDMI Cable
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56Gbps 8K-HDR Fiber Optic HDMI cable

At CES 2018 this week, FIBBR will launch the Ultra 8K, an 8K-HDR Fiber Optic HDMI cable that the company claims can transport signals at 56Gbps up to 50 meters.

The Ultra 8K is on display in the HDMI Forum Booth 20542 at the LVCC South Hall 1.

The Ultra 8K, like all FIBBR fiber optic solutions, is made with the highest quality glass fibers, available exclusively from YOFC, the world’s largest fiber producer.

“FIBBR is thrilled to lead the category with the introduction of the industry’s first 56Gbps fiber optic HDMI cable,” said Joe Zhang, product manager for FIBBR. “CES is always an exciting venue to showcase industry-defining technology, and the Ultra 8K is no exception. Our kiosk in the HDMI Forum booth will show not only the Ultra 8K but also our award-winning Ultra Pro v2.0 series certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) for 18Gbps. While the standards and hardware continue to evolve, the market needs a reliable solution to move their high bandwidth data. FIBBR’s fiber optic solutions are here for today and ready for tomorrow.”

FIBBR’s BendRobust technology, an industry first that allows the fiber to be bent 180 degrees, assures flexibility and durability in extreme conditions with uninterrupted transmission of signals.


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